PSI on Inauguration Day

I interrupt this Iceland coverage to bring you an important public service announcement…

Today a few hundred thousand swindled Americans will attend the inauguration of a narcissistic, misogynist, ableist, racist bully, who contradicts himself at every turn, only believes in free speech when it applies to him, and is “draining the swamp” by instilling a collection of the wealthiest, most unqualified and least diverse Cabinet nominees in my lifetime and likely, in my parents’ lifetime.

Today sucks.

But TOMORROW, more than a million antifascists will march all over the world. My closest friends will march in Massachusetts (with an estimated 50,000 others), in Arkansas (an estimated 4,000 others), in Mississippi (estimated 1,000), in North Carolina (estimated 20,000), in Louisiana (estimated 4,000), in New York (estimated 200,000) and in DC (estimated 300,000).

It overwhelms and inspires me. In fact, this morning, I can’t even seem to conceptualize it without crying. This is our Arab Spring. This is our Occupy. WE WILL BE SEEN AND HEARD. OH BONDAGE, UP YOURS! 

(P.S. If you’re interested in how many are marching where, look up each state here. It’s not entirely accurate, since Mississippi has at least two marches that I know of, but it’s still helpful/hopeful.)


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