South by Southwest and Valley of the Vapors

I went to Austin and Hot Springs to cover some movies and music. Read about it in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Also, I took this lead photo of White Mystery at VOV, which is straight-up killer. resized_99261-vapors-whitemystery_29-19485_t630

Something to Look Forward to in Little Rock

The Arkansas Tealiban, or whatever those clowns in the Capitol are calling themselves these days, have depressed all the just citizens of the Natural State this week (it’s mislabled as the Religious Freedom Law, if you’re interested). So this morning, I decided to find something to celebrate about my city, and here it is – TV news reports that a 1,000 foot water-slide is coming to Little Rock on May 23. Not sure how that works without a 1,000 foot hill, but I’m eager to find out.


Snapshots from March (snow angels, cupcakes and Leon Bridges’s shoes)

On the last day of March, thought I’d leave you with some of my favorite non-festival (South by Southwest and Valley of the Vapors) snapshots…also because this month, I purchased my first iPhone, and while I find it extraordinarily creepy that  my incoming texts  now flash across my laptop screen, I love the beefed-up (compared to my Androids) camera.

snowangel copy



snowy woods