Wakarusa 2014

To see the rest of my pics, go here.


Wayne Coyne seems a bit of a tool, but maybe narcissism is a pre-requisite for spectacle-creation?


Air Dubai, this Colorado hip-hop fusion band, was fantastic.


Alexander Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros were kinda lame, but at least there was crowd participation. For a crowd-sourced story that made 60,000 folks cry, see the last video of this post.


Toby (from Dr. Dog) sat on a random guy. Then a random girl sat on Toby. He looked bewildered. Wonder if his wife’s the jealous type?


I don’t know this guy. I just liked the way the picture turned out – the mood and the aperture and such.


Reignwolf. Best. Set. Ever.


Yep, there was a ferris wheel. And Arkansas’s take on north (midwestern) lights.


There were boobs and lots of butt cheeks. This is the most fleshy photo of my lot, because taking flesh pictures of strangers, even strangers who choose to be naked in a crowd of 23,000, felt too creepy. Maybe I will overcome my puritan roots and emerge with way-better flesh pics next year?


Alex Ebert changed this guy’s life. Apparently.


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