Shameless self-promotion, Jauntaroo Chief World Explorer


It’s a brilliant idea, Jauntaroo, having us do all the legwork to traffic millions of people (we hope) to your site for the relatively low cost of $100,000, which doesn’t have to be paid in full till Jan. 2015. But the gig you’re offering is even more brilliant…and I appreciate both brilliant gigs and ideas.

So please go to Jauntaroo’s site and LIKE MY VIDEO¬†and maybe I can be the new CHIEF WORLD EXPLORER and post lots more videos. And if you really do like my video, come back and click “like” once every 24 hours for the foreseeable future. Please and thank you with (tart, not maraschino) cherries on top.

And if you’re interested in my Pakistan adventures (for those of you who actually watched the video), read about them here.