Rocky Ridge Refuge

Sometimes I have the best job in the world. Last week I went to the Rocky Ridge Animal Refuge, a magical place where minotaurs roam, lions lay with lambs and oversized rodents snuggle with wee pups. (Okay, so Lurch was actually a watusi, and now, only his spirit roams. But he did have some record-breaking horns. And the lions are actually pit-bulls and the lambs are usually rabbits, but you get the point. And Cheesecake, the capybara, really does raise puppies. That part I’m not even exaggerating.)

I made lots of fun friends, such as Barcode the zebra, with his smart stripes and his penchant for nuzzling your shoulder. And Disco, the sweetly staggering pig. (In less-happy days, severe abuse led to Disco’s neurological disorder.) There was a trio of adorable miniature donkeys with the softest fur imaginable, a writhing mass of puppy-love, and a water buffalo named Wade who followed me around and lathered me with licks. (One lick = jeans soaked to skin, from knee to thigh).

You can read about my adventures here. More pictures after the jump.



cheese cropped crouton gabe lurchwade


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