Little Rock Confidential

The Nanny

The family I work for has had nannies for about 10 years, and I’m nearly the one they’ve had the longest. I’ve been there over a year. Most of their nannies only last a few months, because the cameras freak people out. There are surveillance cameras all over the house, so I feel like I have to be working even when there’s nothing to do. One time I sent a couple of text messages when the kids were at school, and I was asking for a raise, and the parents said, “We’re not paying you to text.” I do some cleaning, but they have cleaning ladies and workmen who come every week. One time the workmen came just to change light bulbs. And there’s this room I’m not allowed to go in. It’s supposed to be the dad’s office, but I always wonder what’s going on in there. There’s lots of mystery with this family.

The parents don’t believe in doctors, so the kids don’t get immunizations. If one of them gets sick, they treat it with homeopathic and folk remedies. Once the mom was convinced that her daughter’s headaches were from fluoridated water, so she spent a day going to different stores and buying up all the water filters. She bought about 10 of them, one for every sink in the house. And to keep them healthy, the kids are supposed to stand in the sun for a few minutes every hour, while I use a timer to keep up with how long.

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