Beantown Ramblings: Os Gemeos at ICA

So this is what all the controversy was about.

I think if you see a terrorist here, your psyche is merely revealing 1) your blatant prejudice, 2) your absolute lack of observation, and 3) your utter void of creativity and playfulness. This is absolutely a kid in pj’s with a sweater over his head. I thought that the first time I saw this image, before I knew of the hullabaloo. Although frankly, this chunk of Boston is pretty dull, so perhaps it attracts boring folks without any sense of whimsy. But even if this were a man in a desert turban, why would that translate to “terrorist?” Lucky for me, in my dealings with Bostonians (mostly non-Fox devotees), I’ve haven’t come across anyone so closed, fearful and small. Too bad that this controversy broadcasts a negative portrayal of Bostonians to folks who may not be on such intimate terms with the city.

Just over the bridge a bit, the city gets a little more interesting. There are seafood places on the water, and there’s the ICA, which sponsored this mural and brought Os Gemeos to the city in their first American solo show.

After the jump, some images from the show…


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