Beantown Ramblings: the little dude

This is the real reason I went to Boston.

Meet Elliot.  He’s 19 months old, the son of the friend I’ve held longest, Laura, and her kind, quirky partner, Nate. Elliot is always super-smiley because he’s being raised vegetarian-hearty, in a house full of cats and sun and music and love. He’s bilingual, thanks to his Dominican daycare teachers. Once when Nate and I were walking down Center Street with Elliot on Nate’s shoulders, Nate said, “I’m going to duck into this hardware store.” That set Elliot off — “Quack-quack, quack-quack!” he shouted. Clever little dude, yeah?

Love this sweet family. Spending a week with them puts everything in perspective for me.


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