The Secret World of Stuntwomen

I wrote this story about awhile back and thought I’d mention it. Monica Staggs is the self-proclaimed “death doll,” a North Little Rock beauty queen who went west and made good (and bad?) with Quentin Tarantino and other amusing characters. She was a blast to hang out with, and I ended up liking her a lot. Unfortunately, once her story ran, the feeling was no longer mutual. But I’m getting used to that.

You can hear more about Monica, from Monica, at her Tales from the South appearance.


2 thoughts on “The Secret World of Stuntwomen

  1. Since, I, Monica Staggs, have not had the time to correct the multitude of factual errors alone that this self-proclaimed “essayist” pretending to be a reporter wrote about me, I will say this now….Don’t ever trust this “reporter”, as she is now so calling herself. I bet she did have a blast hanging out with me as I rattled on and on about myself to her as she pretended to just adore me. You know, they are those special kind of people that pretend to be interested in your plight, but all the while, they are secretly feeling titillated that they are getting you to confess little silly bits of Trivia about yourself. Well, I’m sorry to report that I am not brain damaged quite yet, a recent cat scan showed there is no new impending, structural damage to my hard Homer Simpson head, I was just a gullible little old middle-aged Stuntwoman who allowed a little girl to interview me. Why? I don’t know. One reason is that she told me I’d have a chance to read the article and correct it before it came out, which, although she assured me I would, over and over, because had she been candid with me and told me NO WAY! (which after talking to her boss, I was told that NO ONE is allowed article approval) I WOULD HAVE NEVER AGREED TO TALK TO HER AGAIN. I suppose my fretting over that made me appear quite “paranoid” and well, as it turns out I had every reason to feel that strange weird feeling that is sometimes cutely labeled “paranoid.” Oh well, I certainly know I was not thinking clearly…perhaps it was due to the fact that I was trying to recover from a rather nasty fungal infection that had ravaged my body for nearly a year. Yeah! Very gross and not very coverstory worthy! Just kinda a super cooties type infection that ended up camping in my head. Sorry, it’s nothing tragic or deserving of an awareness fundraiser event to raise attention about being over treated with anti-biotics. It’s just kinda lame and boring but it really made me about as sick as I have ever been in my life and it took multiple trips to various and sundry Doctors to find out that all that was wrong with me was a gross sounding fungal infection that started in my ear, with me using a not so clean ear bud as I am a music junkie and love to have it blasting in my ears!:) whoops! So that is why I came back to Arkansas to stay with my parents and despite being very, very sick, I tried to accommodate this little baby-voiced reporter. I did. But in the end, I found out that I had truly been duped. Oh well. I’m hoping that I have time this week to correct at least the factual errors. The article did, after I read it, made me cry. Some tough girl I am. I hope everyone understands there’s the truth and then there’s what sells a good cover story. And I hope at least watching me drink Rock Stars and look super sleepy at all times, is what really inspired her to kick a girl when she’s already down. I don’t guess I blame her for using me to get her bit of writing to be the actual cover story. My advice to anyone ever, especially when fighting a fungal infection or any illness of any kind is to not give interviews unless it’s from your death bed. I’m glad to know, that despite my tough pageant looking exterior that I still have the tender heart and sensitivity of a poet. I did win a poetry slam or two back in the days before I moved to Hollywood and started actually winning awards, shedding blood and breaking bones slamming my body all around H-town. But I felt compelled to defend myself for some reason so that at least people know
    A bit of the truth and because I am willing to let myself be judged. I just want the facts a little more factual next time and to not be sick as hell the entire length of this three month long interview! That’s it.
    Thank you for reading this comment. Thank you for allowing me to share in my own story.
    Monica Anne Staggs

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