Do the Dark

Darielle and I threw ourselves a birthday party. Early into the night, the Arkansas Times photographer, Brian Chilson, floated around with an analogue camera. And that was pretty perfect, since there was a casual Blondie-theme kickin’ and some messy, pink frosted, gluten-free vegan cupcakes (have to please the un-masses) that go very nicely with beautiful black and white film. (I was also wearing vintage pink frosted lingerie, because, at 110 degrees, all of Little Rock should be reviving my high school tradition of underwear as outerwear. It’s only perfect.)

Ming Donkey’s One Man Band played, a very pregnant lady danced and we all took tequila shots. Ok, well no tequila shots for the pregnant lady. But she was all about the ginger ale shots.

Other highlights include: the Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger.” Le Tigre’s “Hot Topic.” Ming Donkey wearing my fishnets as a scarf. Some cheap Dutch vodka that tasted like rubbing alcohol. Darielle’s amazing skirt.


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