Downtown yuppies protest a homeless veterans treatment center in Little Rock

Last week I wrote a story about the controversy surrounding the relocation of a V.A. treatment center, from one neighborhood to another in downtown Little Rock. The center has been largely effective at getting homeless vets with substance abuse problems into rehab and permanent housing. The place needs more space, but for a decade now, each time they seek to move, they run straight into bureaucratic roadblocks. Largely, it’s a “not in my backyard” phenomena, made even meaner and more outrageous because the area in question has belonged to the homeless, has been their neighborhood (and still very much is their neighborhood) for much longer than it’s belonged to the handful of yuppies revitalizing a few of the gorgeous, old houses. If you can’t take true diversity folks, stay in the ‘burbs!

Anthony Stallcup, left, credits the VA Center with getting him off the streets.

Anyhow, here’s my story.


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