Wish you were here….Love, New Orleans

Thought I’d post a few more pics from my adventure in New Orleans a couple of weeks back.

That’s John on the right. The whole point of our trip was so that Jayson, as Ming Donkey’s One Man Band, could play John’s farewell bash on Saturday night at the Saturn Bar. A few days ago John left on military deployment to Afghanistan.

This is Guitar Lightening’s band. That’s Paul, proprietor of Green Goddess (yummy food, veggie options), on drums.

This is Liz, dancing to Lightening. She’s cool.

This is Jeremy at 9am on Sunday morning. He’s John’s roommate, and they both hail from Columbus, Mississippi.

This is Jeremy at 11am, at work as a dishwasher at the Green Goddess. And yes, that’s the lovely Liz, at work as a bartender, in the background.

These photobooth people were at the bar Saturday night, so we thought it was funny that we found this.

We spent some time at Robin’s studio. It’s an awesome building, but everyone gets evicted next month because of the lead paint. Right now they’re filming a horror movie there. The movie doesn’t involve lead paint.

It’s pretty awesome, because Keiko, Robin’s dog, also hangs out.

Took a self portrait in the studio because the afternoon light was pretty amazing.

We languished through New Orleans twilight in a 300 year old room where Bukowski allegedly wrote his first book of poetry.



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