Travel photos from Gilgit-Baltistan, northern areas Pakistan

Taken on a Sunday afternoon in mid-April, as I strolled downtown Gilgit.


48 thoughts on “Travel photos from Gilgit-Baltistan, northern areas Pakistan

  1. love the whole idea of undisclosed locations – photojournalism at its best…
    thankyou for sharing the love x

  2. Great pics. It’s like stepping back in time or something. I feel like it’s a scene from a movie. Great job.

  3. I have recently come to appreciate what can be done from behind a camera. Pictures of people in foreign countries are my personal favorite.
    I am new to blogging, do you just load one after the other to get a collection like this up?

  4. What do the regional Pakistanis there call the hats the little boys are wearing? Some of the hats that many Muslims wear seem to stretch across the Ummah in close similarity, from Morocco to Xianjiang and Indonesia.

    When I was in Xianjiang, the Uyghurs called the hat that the little boy in the dark shirt is wearing, ‘dopa’, or dopas. I still have a few that I kept, from overly stylized to folding.

    It’s amazing how you can sometimes cross the globe and find people that look like they can be your neighbors. I think that’s very cool. Of the two men sitting down, the one without the hat looks, “American”, if there is such a thing.

    Of all the photos I took from my trip, I have one photo of a teammate with several local older men, and one or two of them look like they could pass for Cajuns, straight from Courtableau!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Some of these people have more value to my eyes than entire nations of spoiled individuals.

  6. like the other responders i find this post charming and the pics endearing. It has that slightly decrepit look juxtaposed ith those adorable kids. thoroughly fabulous

  7. Look people. I’m glad that something other than terrorism is being promoted in the name of my country. I’m extremely proud to see my country’s pictures freshly pressed and for those who think Pakistan is a terrible and terrifying place; You’re wrong. There’s so much beauty in Pakistan and so much versatility that is overshadowed by the World Media portraying only terrorism here. I mean, besides these pictures, The place itself (Gilgit) is equally beautiful to the Swiss alps or places as such. We have all types of seasons and fruits and lands of everyone’s taste and most of the land of Pakistan is free from terrorism. If people are gonna believe what the media is showing, then the world is gonna un-know the beauty that we have here in Pakistan.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed!!!!

  8. The people of my country just became freshly pressed! I am so proud! 😀
    And all the credit goes to you! Wonderfully captured pictures!
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  9. With media so twisted and focused on negativity today I truly thank you for balancing the picture a little bit.
    The more you travel the more you see people are not so different and that richness and poverty exist in all places if you only take your colored glasses off.

  10. Ahhh, these are my people 😀 I happen to belong to the North-West part of Pakistan and these pictures make me reminisce about the streets and people there; are you from this place as well by any chance?

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