Wandered the old walled city solo, posed for at least a hundred cell phone “snaps,” had tea in a handful of homes, squeezed into one of those jittery hand pushed kiddie ferris wheels (those things are WAY more exciting than you’d think!) and temporarily joined a biker gang. True story.

Weekend in New Orleans

Since I’ve been back in the US, I’ve been traveling with my friend Jayson and his sideshow gig, Ming Donkey’s One Man Band. Spent Saturday and Sunday in New Orleans, that fantastic hobo city of pirates and saints. Everyone has a story there, and all the stories are the same: “hopped a train, had a plan, landed here (that wasn’t the plan)”

I’ve loved this city forever, spent my life escaping three hours south, along the world’s most crooked straight line. Nothing like chasing tattooed clowns. Anyhow, the story starts here:

Donk was playing a farewell party at Saturn Bar, a classy little dive on St. Claude. Our friend John is leaving for Afghanistan. He’s already been dispatched twice to Iraq, and he has a lifelong fear of cannolis, which it’s better not to get into. But his girlfriend, Tami, brought a whole table of cannolis, muffalettas and mac & cheese from the Italian restaurant her family owns. So I ate a cannoli and washed it down with whiskey. This plan could have backfired. Luckily, it didn’t.

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Karachi amusement park

It’s called Funland. And of course the electricity went almost as soon as we got there, but somehow the rides remained dimly lit. It was all eerie shadows and fantastic horror film dimensions, which made the roller coaster death tales seem like more than urban myths. This place is a bit neglected by many of my Karachi friends, but it definitely earns my recommendation.

Pakistan photos on Freshly Pressed

Thanks to everyone who found me on Freshly Pressed and was curious enough to click! Before yesterday, I didn’t even know about Freshly Pressed. Today I am the tiniest bit wiser and (temporarily at least) more popular. And you all, with your likes and comments, are kind, inspiring and inquisitive…so I’ll try to address your questions and offer a little context.

I was in Pakistan for nearly six months on a journalism fellowship. You can read more about my experiences on my tumblr blog. Be warned–this blog was largely a place to process and vent, so I was less than cautious about what I say and how I say it.

I have tons more Pakistan photos, and they’ll slowly make their way online. Still wading through Karachi, Lahore and some flood camp shots, so beyond a few on tumblr, these photos aren’t up. I’ll probably try to post a couple of Pakistan shots every few days here, once I have regular internet access again. For now, the ones that are up are largely unedited and live on facebook, in albums that are publicly available. You need to sign in to your account to view them. Here are links: Gilgit, Hunza, Thar Desert, Chitral, Kalash.
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