Oxford Mississippi’s Cats Purring Art Collective (eat your heart our Jeffrey Deitch!)

This has been happening practically under my nose (give or take a couple of hours northeast) and I have not been paying enough attention–definitely a sign that I spend too much time on etsy. But I consider this further proof that Mississippi is among the more awesome *states* (of existence). So, here is our answer to Dash Snow, Ryan McGinley, Aurel Schmidt and the like, as featured in Impose magazine.

Photos shamelessly stolen from Cats Purring tumblr site.


Last night around 9pm I was making a few purchases at my neighborhood Kroger. (Yes, I was grocery shopping on a Friday night. I know I’m a bit of a buzz kill…)

My purchases essentially echoed those of the man in front of me.

He bought:

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
cookies and cream ice cream
non-organic, non-free range eggs
Lays potato chips

I bought:

Kashi bluberry clusters
Stonyfield yogurt
Kroger brand 100% juice (apple and pomegranate…and yes, I get that this is a deviation from the pattern)
gluten-free crackers

We both had Kroger cards, and everything I bought was on sale.

His total? $1.87; Mine? $12.74

James Franco’s Grammar Faux Pas

Just heard James Franco on NPR’s Fresh Air talking about his role in Howl and how he had read a lot of Ginsberg even before the film.

Verbatim, emphasis mine:  “There’s a certain age when young people—young men get into the Beats. At least me and my friends, I and my friends, certainly did. In fact, I’m taking this class right now at Yale and we’re reading the Beats….”

Um, take a third try, Yalie (and, regrettably, Columbia alum). Need I mention, he’s an English PhD candidate?

The First Permanent Wave

What better way to boycott the excessive brawn and all-out ridiculousness of that disturbing patriarchal institution known as Superbowl Sunday than to attend a domestic violence benefit with an all-girl cast of musicians and artists and blood-free (vegan love!) baked goods?

The first event in what is set to become a regular series, Permanent Wave at Brooklyn’s Death by Audio was one of the highlights of my recent trip to New York.
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Speaking of Punk Rock and River Cities…

True Sons of Thunder rocking it with a yoga-savvy mannequin

Memphis and music are synonymous, yes. But for many people, Memphis means motown and Stax or Elvis and Sun. About three decades ago, another sound—rawer and ruder—began to fester in the noxious, sun-blanched fumes of the Mississippi. And a dive called the Antenna Club—Memphis’s answer to CBGB’s—firmly pinned River City on the word-of-mouth-and-mail (wtf, long distance calls were expensive!) punk rock touring map. Now the legacy fuels Goner Records, Gonerfest and a slate of shows that, being three hours away and working a day job, I mostly miss. Big sad sigh.
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Punk Rock?

It seems Egypt is primed for punk rock. Anarchy reigns in a way that youth in the U.S. and the U.K. have only fantasized about…

From the New York Times:

“The youth today think this way: let me live my life today, and I don’t care if you kill me tomorrow,” said Mohammed Fathi, a 23-year-old friend of Mr. Sabr’s at the shoe store. “Next year isn’t important. All I’m thinking about is getting by today.”

Are we sure this didn’t come from a Cometbus zine, circa 1985?