Bombon: All Girl So-Cal Surf Trio

**This interview was first published on my Juxtapoz blog, but since the link is broken, I’m putting the whole thing here.

This interview is outrageously old. My apologies—I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to post it. But a little sunny surf in dreary December isn’t so bad, eh?

In July, Bombón (marshmallow in Spanish) played Jackson, Mississippi—part of their first tour ever!—and I snagged them for a chat after the after-show Waffle House refueling.

Bombón is: Paloma Bañuelos on bass, Jerico Campbell on drums and Angela Ramos on guitar. They’re a surf trio hailing from the notorious punk tradition of San Pedro, California. Jerico and Paloma grew up in San Pedro, Angela in Anaheim, and now all three ladies live in a big house on 15th Street—along with the band Killer Dreamer—that doubles as a live venue and the Cali Mucho studio and screen-print shop.

Bombón traveled with Hippie Riot from San Pedro and Alabama’s Rise Up Howling Werewolf and/or Pine Hill Haints—whichever Jamie Barrier-fronted band felt like playing that night. On the road, the ladies hawked their gorgeous (aurally and visually) debut LP, Las Chicas del Bombón, recorded on 1/2-inch tape at Cali Mucho. Hmn…did somebody say perfect holiday gift?

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