To Johnny…With Love, Bob

This is one of my favorite Replacements songs, and I feel like more people should know about it so they can love it, too. It’s an ode to Johnny Thunders of the New York Dolls, who did die of a drug overdose in 1991, ten years after this song was released. Four years later, Bob Stinson, Replacements guitarist, followed in his tracks (um…pun intended?)


One thought on “To Johnny…With Love, Bob

  1. A great tune indeed. Shamelessly and without irony, I played Alex Chilton a good 74 times a day for at least a month after he died. I’m not wild about the artist, it was just a great excuse to run a great song into the ground. By Memorial Day, when the Mrs. thought I’d finally gotten over it, we went to a bar, and as I walked through the door of a bar, it came on – like it was my theme music. The highlight of the year so far, if only for her look of agonized annoyance.

    Hope the city is treating you well. Grad school has forced me to take a break from blogging. I just don’t have it in me after writing for school all day!

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