Iron Mule Winner

Just wanted to share a great cartoon that won the audience & judge’s award at the Iron Mule Film Fest I attended a few weeks ago. The ending is hilarious!

“The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9” was created by School of Visual Arts student, Jake Armstrong, who talks about his short at Cartoon Brew:

Making this short was really fun, mostly for the research it involved. I got to reconnect with shows like “The Outer Limits” and “The Twilight Zone”, watch weird old soft sci-fi movies like “Forbidden Planet,” and the occasional big-monster-themed Looney Tunes episode. I felt these shows are so over-brimming with crazy style that it felt relatively easy to find things to put in visually. The comic book feel was strongly based on a lot of people, but the big ones that come to mind are Dan James (Ghostshrimp), Rui Tenreiro, Brecht Evens, Thomas Herpich , and Kazimir Strzepek. There are plenty more, but these all heavily influenced my style…


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