2010: O Say Are We Doomed

I’ve been back in New York for the past few weeks—essentially from Fashion Week to Armory Week, with the Whitney Biennial sandwiched between—and I’ve seen so much art that I’m not sure where to begin. To make things more interesting, my camera started giving random error messages, and I haven’t had time to have it serviced, rendering void my usual tactic of posting tons of pics rather than taking the time to politely word actual opinions.

So basically I’ll hit the high points—if something stuck with me, obviously it’s significant enough…right?

This was the 75th anniversary of the Whitney Biennial, and it was supposed to be toned down, a careful showcase for an era of shrinking endowments and shuttered museums. But I’ve never been to a Biennial before, and six hours later, this one didn’t seem moderate to me. I can’t imagine those days of venue overflow—although post-art-fairs, the imagining is getting easier. I wanted to love or hate the Biennial, because it seems so wishy-washy to be “safe” and optimistically cautious about a show that has a history of polarizing critics, in the very year that every other critic (if that’s what I am) decided to be optimistically cautious. But if I am honest, there were a (very) few pieces that I loved, some stuff that I liked and lots that I didn’t.

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