Zingy Effervescence

“By the year 2000 it has been estimated that the population will increase to six billion…Precious ground space will be severly limited for use in the raising of cotton and flax and the grazing of sheep for wool. The restricted supply of these natural fibers will result in their becoming ‘status’ fabrics, and only the affluent will be able to buy them…Synthetics will replicate all the desirable properties of the natural fibers; in addition, they will have advantageous qualities not currently found in existing fibers. One of the characteristics will be thermoreactivity; the fibers will adjust to differing temperatures, thus enabling the wearer to have physical comfort irrespective of the weather….[fabrics] will be colorfast, water repellent, germicidal, antistatic, fire resistant and photosensitive (able to change color). This will be accomplished by a few seconds’ exposure in a ‘chroma-radiation box,’ found in every home closet…A thermocontrolled stretch body sheath may replace separate hosiery, bras, girdles and slips…Men and women alike may be dressed in this costume. Controlled diets will eliminate the chubbies and skinnies, so that the body sheath will be visually attractive on all people.”

From the Dress of the Future chapter in the “consumer guide” entitled Individuality in Clothing Selection and Personal Appearance, published in 1971.


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