Starring Coraline as Itself

It’s not Wicked–which was my last musical theater experience in New York–the comfortably canonized show my mom and aunt were bubbling to catch when they came in May. It’s not Wicked, with its catchy tunes and overtly accessible characters that warrant hopeless and immediate emotional investment.

Since I did precariously little reading on Coraline the musical (and have basically no concept of the novel or movie), I think I expected something in the Wicked department—at the very least, I wanted a spunky, defiantly adorable hell-raiser of a (somewhat convincing) tween star that would reactivate my childhood cool-girl crush mentality for an hour or so and a deliciously sinister fantasy-land to “disappear here” into. What I got was 50-something Jayne Houdyshell in knickers and a tacky vest. It didn’t take me long to realize that Coraline is not Wicked, nor did it intend to be.

Keeping reading at The South Wing


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